About Us

Onycon Infrastructure, based out of Mumbai, is a fast growing infrastructure company with its core expertise in Industrial Constructions and Tunnels. Onycon has 4 decades of vast experience of various contruction projects comprising of Dams, Commercial Building, Ports, Tunnels and Factory Building etc.

We, as a company dauntlessly took the challenge of enhancing productivity in the infrastructural sphere without compromising on the quality and benefits knowing well that there’s there much room for innovation and efficiency gains in this industry. With our cutting-edge innovations and new technologies, we have demonstrated our commitment and enabled India’s infrastructure industry to be more cost-efficient.

Our businesses are driven by emphasizing on sustainable practices that contribute to the environmental health, and a deep commitment to the communities that are impacted. We design systems of work projects in a way that adjust to individual lifestyles as well as conserve natural resources.

Every aspect of our business is characterized by thorough professionalism and high level of corporate governance. We have the financial and technical resources to execute projects from the most basic to the highly complex.

Onycon is engaged in core, high impact sectors of the Indian economy. We integrate our capabilities with the vast opportunities available in our natural resources. We have established credentials in executing complex and challenging projects in all kinds of environment. This depth of professional expertise helps us give reliable and innovative infrastructure solutions to our clients.

Each project is managed by a professional team of experts. Our processes and systems are systematically planned right from design, planning, engineering, procurement and construction services to support the execution of our infrastructure projects. Sustainability is very well-embedded into our long-term strategy for growth. Our expert engineers use advanced technologies and methodologies to enhance productivity and ensure timely delivery of projects. In addition, deployment of modern systems for monitoring, lighting, ventilation, safety and security is explored and adhered to.

Onycon has repeatedly delivered projects of the highest quality. With a strong, customer focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality, with unmatched expertise across Technology, Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure Projects, we aim to maintain a leadership in all our major lines of our businesses. Our professional technicians earn this kind of recognition by understanding clients’ business needs and objectives.

Core values

The following are our core values against which we measure ourselves in the way in which we do business on a day-to-day basis. They are our guiding factors

  • Research and Innovation
    We nurture highly-skilled and experienced analytics personnel to constantly research, innovate and improvise our tools for building perpetual wealth for our country.
  • Customer Centric Approach
    we will support and encourage the sharing of newer and better ideas, insights and experiences to continually improve and remodel processes, products, capabilities and solutions for the benefit of our customers
  • Performance
    Underlying factor of our success. Through continuously challenging, measuring and competing with self and with a sense of self-improvement each passing day, we shall achieve our vision.
  • Integrity
    we will conduct our business in a way that makes us feel proud of ourselves, fulfilling our commitments and doing it in the right way.


"Onycon aims to unceasingly innovate and implement better and better sustainable and healthy technologies, methodologies and solutions in the field of construction to achieve consistent growth, profit and advancement."


"Onycon shall be a professionally managed and empowered company constantly creating value and attaining newer benchmark and committed to total customer satisfaction to enhance quality of life of one and all and complete all our project ahead of time."